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If you want to change the MAC address using a third-party tool, then the Technitium MAC Address Changer is the best option for you. It is compatible with all versions of Windows including Win 10/ 8.1 /8 /7 /Vista /XP /Server 2012 R2 /Server 2012 /Server 2008 R2 /Server 2008 /Server 2003 /Server 2000. Change MAC Address in network card in C# Sep 25, 2012 How to Find Your Laptop’s MAC Address in Windows XP

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Jul 03, 2017 · If you don’t, your MAC address will be reset when you restart. Change a MAC Address in Mac OS X. Mac OS X’s System Preferences pane displays each network interface’s MAC address, but doesn’t allow you to change it. For that, you need the Terminal. RELATED: A Windows User's Guide to Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows XP / Windows 2003. Operations Change the MAC ID. Enter a MAC Address into the edit box and click the Change button. It validates the ID you've entered, so you cannot enter a MAC like "I am a chicken hawk" or something goofy like that. Reset the MAC ID. This'll reset the MAC address to the adapter default. Things to Note