Dec 16, 2011

How to Set Up E-mail Manually on Your NOOK Tablet - dummies If automatic e-mail setup doesn’t work on your NOOK tablet, you can set up your Email app manually. You have to know the exact name of your provider’s e-mail server for sending and receiving. You should be able to find that by consulting help pages for the provider, by calling their help desk, or by […] NOOK Color/Tablet - NOOK Email setup NOOK Color/Tablet - NOOK Email setup Your NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color lets you send and receive email from one or more of your email addresses, such as your Gmail , Yahoo!, or other email account, such as a work email address. Your NOOK must be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to send and receive email. NOOK Color/Tablet - Email Settings To edit the configuration settings for an email account on NOOK Tablet or Color: 1. In the NOOK Email app, display the list of your email accounts. To view the account list, pull down the menu at the top of the screen and select Accounts. 2. Tap the gear icon to the right of the name of the account you want to configure. General Settings

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Select Manual setup or additional server types and click Next. Select POP or IMAP. Click Next. Within POP and IMAP Account Settings, fill out Your Name and full Email Address. For Server Information, select IMAP for Account Type.

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NOOK Tablet™ - Getting Started - Barnes & Noble If you are outside of North America, please select one of the time zones offered on this page and you can change it to your local time zone in the Settings area of NOOK Tablet. Connect to Wi-Fi®. Connect automatically and for free at any Barnes & Noble bookstore, use your home Wi-Fi or other Wi-Fi hotspot.