As you can see, I have 2 network interface attached to my CentOS 7 server. One is ens33 and the other one is ens37.The ens33 network interface has the IPv4 address and the ens37 network interface has the IPv4 address The ip command also prints the IPv6 address attached to the network interfaces of your Linux server or workstation.

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Get your Private IP Address with the ifconfig Command. You have multiple ways to get your private IP address. One way is to use the ifconfig command. ifconfig is a command line program that configures network interfaces on Linux. You can retrieve your IP address using the ifconfig command coupled with various flags that filter for your private

NOTE: This is about external IP address (the one that the servers on the Internet see when you connect to them) - if you want internal IP address (the one that your own computer is using for connections, which may be different) see this answer.. TL;DR - Fastest methods in 2015 The fastest method using DNS: dig +short

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This Linux quick tip will show you many different way to get your public IP address from the command line using different tools. Since not all Linux distributions have the same set of packages (programs) installed, some of these example may or may not work on your system. virtualbox - How to find IP of virtual machine? - Unix The IP address thus assigned to the virtual machine is usually on a completely different network than the host. As more than one card of a virtual machine can be set up to use NAT, the first card is connected to the private network, the second card to the network and so on.