Apr 19, 2018 · It'll help you to protect who sees what about you. Use antivirus software For those primarily using social media through a computer, installing and maintaining antivirus security software is

Oct 27, 2016 · Avoid putting your social media accounts at risk by implementing these five simple tips. 1. Be selective with third-party applications. When you use a third-party application, such as a social 5 tips to make your social media experience safer: Don't post photos that might include your debit/credit card, driver's license or other personal information. Turn off location tags on social sites and post vacation photos after your trip to avoid alerting thieves that you are away from home. Jan 07, 2015 · Choose hard-to-guess and different passwords for each of your social networking accounts. Your password should be at least eight characters long and a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. The less unique your password is, the more frequently you’ll have to change it (at least every few months). Nov 21, 2017 · You can also set up a Google Alert for yourself so you’ll be notified whenever a new item about you is posted online. 2. Check your privacy settings. Every social media platform offers ways to control what information you’re sharing with whom. Check these settings often as they change all the time. Nov 29, 2018 · Social media security is a problem. With 68% of American adults on Facebook and 35% of American adults on Instagram, (not to mention YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and more) social media is a treasure trove of data just waiting to be stolen. When you create social media accounts, you… In this day and age, it’s frighteningly easy to accidentally overshare on social media and put yourself in danger. Here are five ways you can protect yourself and your business online. Remember that what you post can live forever. Unfortunately, nothing online is ever truly deleted. Thanks to screenshots, deleting something on your end doesn’t […] Apr 04, 2018 · So here are our top tips on how to protect yourself on social media: 1. Remember that everything written on the Internet is permanent, even if deleted. So think twice before posting or commenting, and try to stay clear of social media after a drink!

Social media runs a significant portion of people’s social lives. We use it to connect with far-flung friends and family, send quick messages to co-workers, and announce major (and minor) events in our lives. Many businesses use social media sites to collaborate or share information—for instance, you might discuss a project with co-workers via a Facebook messaging session or plan a

easygenerator | How to Protect Yourself on Social Media How to Protect Yourself on Social Media Social Media provides a way of connecting in the digital world, but it also can provide people access to lots of information about you if you are not careful. See what can happen if you do not tailor your privacy settings. 9 Things to Avoid on Social Media While Looking for a New

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Jan 03, 2018 How to protect yourself from Social Media Phishing May 14, 2019 Protect Yourself From Social Media Scams - Wireless Support Protect yourself from social media scams. Learn how to stay secure and avoid fraudsters on social media, dating apps, and similar websites. DETAILED INFO. About social media scams. How social media scams work. The fraudster’s goal is to get you to buy and send them items like phones or gift cards. 6 Tips to Protect Yourself When Posting on Social Media Social media is all fun and games until you lose your job for making a rash, offensive post on one of your accounts. You need to know the best ways to protect yourself when posting on social media so you can live your life like you want. Be smart in what you post and aware of your employee rights so you know when you have a claim of right