Endian Firewall is an Open Source Unified Threat Management (UTM) ap-pliance software. This document is a concise reference to the Endian Firewall web interface. Accessing the Endian Firewall GUI To access the Endian Firewall GUI is as simple as starting your browser and entering the IP address of the internal (GREEN) inter-

If you have an Endian device in version 5, its dedicated reference manual can be found here: UTM series : Security gateways, i.e. Mini 25, Mercury Series, Macro Series - this manual. Hotspot series : Hotspot devices. The browser will be redirected to a secure HTTPS connection on port 10443. Since Endian Hotspot Appliance uses a self-signed HTTPS certificate, the browser might ask to accept the certificate during the first connection. The system will then ask for username and password. Username : Powered and developed by endian.com | Privacy Policy If left blank, the default gateway is the Endian UTM Appliance itself. Primary DNS, Secondary DNS. The DNS used by the clients. Since the Endian UTM Appliance contains a caching DNS server, the default value is the firewall’s own IP address in the respective zone, though a second server or even the primary value can be changed. Endian UTM Appliance’s default method is PSK (username/password): The client authenticates using username and password. To use this method, no additional change is needed, while the other two methods are described below. Certificate configuration

Re little-endian, the short answer (to do I need to do anything) is "probably not, but it depends on your hardware". You can check with: bool le = BitConverter.IsLittleEndian; Depending on what this says, you might want to reverse portions of your buffers. Alternatively, Jon Skeet has specific-endian converters here (look for EndianBitConverter).

Back to TOC. Description. This is an nginx upstream module integrating libdrizzle into Nginx in a non-blocking and streamming way.. Essentially it provides a very efficient and flexible way for nginx internals to access MySQL, Drizzle, as well as other RDBMS's that support the Drizzle or MySQL wired protocol. Get Started I am writing a virtual machine that has 8 bit opcodes, and one of the common types for the instructions has the 8-bit opcode, followed in memory by a 56 bit signed integer operand. Originally, I was Get Started

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This is a list of the most requested articles in Endian's knowledge base. What is the Endian default password? http://help.endian.com/hc/en-us/articles/218146668 Jun 04, 2014 · While losing the root password is a serious issue and might at a first impression let you think to have lost shell access to your Endian UTM system, there are at least two possible solutions: To change the password from the GUI. To reboot the Endian UTM Appliance in sigle user mode. By default, passwords will be 6 character long and composed only by digits. Password recovery custom settings. When choosing to allow password recovery with custom setting, several configuration options appear, that are needed for a successful recovery process.