The operating system OpenBSD is used widely for network routing and firewall. Also really easy to install for you Virtual Machine lab environment. In this blog bost I want to explain how to turn an OpenBSD installation quick in router and NAT with PF for your environment.

ConfigExamples/Intercept/OpenBsdPf - Squid Web Proxy Wiki NAT Interception proxy. This is available as standard with the OpenBSD 5.0+ squid port/packages. For Squid-3.4 or later: --enable-pf-transparent. For Squid-3.3 and Squid-3.2 support for this is not integrated with the --enable-pf-transparent build option. However the IPFW NAT component of Squid is compatible with PF. OpenBSD PF: Getting Started PF reads its configuration rules from pf.conf(5) at boot time, as loaded by the rc scripts. Note that while pf.conf(5) is the default and is loaded by the system rc scripts, it is just a text file loaded and interpreted by pfctl(8) and inserted into pf(4) . Please help, bi-nat on PF not working. : openbsd Please help, bi-nat on PF not working. When OpenBSD booted on the laptop running on battery, the screen was very dim. When it booted on AC power - the screen was bright. Whenever I touched the F-keys to increase/decrease brightness - the screen went dim …

pf(0) - OpenBSD manual pages

Firewall Setup. Enable and Reload rules. pfctl -e -f /etc/pf.conf. Reload only. pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf Show Rules and Statistics # pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf Load the pf.conf file # pfctl -nf /etc/pf.conf Parse the file, but don't load it # pfctl -Nf /etc/pf.conf Load only the NAT rules from the file # pfctl -Rf /etc/pf.conf Load only the filter rules from the file # pfctl -sn Show the current NAT pf.conf — packet filter configuration file. DESCRIPTION. The pf(4) packet filter modifies, drops, or passes packets according to rules or definitions specified in pf.conf. This is an overview of the sections in this manual page: Packet Filtering Packet filtering, including network address translation (NAT). Options

Oct 10, 2010

Dec 06, 2012 · pfctl -sr. OR. pfctl -ar. How do I see the current firewall rules # pfctl -sr Sample outputs: pass all flags S/SA block drop in on vr0 inet proto tcp from any to ! port = 3306 block drop in on vr0 inet proto tcp from any to ! port = 3306 block drop in on vr0 inet proto tcp from any to ! port = 3306 block drop in on ! lo0 proto tcp from any to any port 6000:6010 Jan 11, 2008 · OpenBSD's stateful packet filter, PF, offers an amazing feature set and support across the major BSD platforms. Like most firewall software though, unlocking PF's full potential takes a good teacher.Peter N.M. Hansteen's PF website and conference tutorials have helped thousands of users build the networks they need using PF. OpenBSD is a security-focused, free and open-source, Unix-like operating system based on the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Theo de Raadt created OpenBSD in 1995 by forking NetBSD. According to de Raadt, OpenBSD is a research operating system for developing security mitigations. PF(4) OpenBSD Programmer's Manual PF(4) NAME pf - packet filter SYNOPSIS pseudo-device pf 1 DESCRIPTION The pf interface is a packet filter pseudo-device for IPv4 and IPv6. pf is administered using the pfctl(8) utility, or through an ioctl inter- face. FILES /dev/pf packet filtering device. One reason not to scrub on an interface is if one is passing NFS through PF. Some non-OpenBSD platforms send (and expect) strange packets -- fragmented packets with the "do not fragment" bit set, which are (properly) rejected by scrub. This can be resolved by use of the no-df option. Jul 07, 2010 · OpenBSD Persistence Static Routing. The drawback of route command is that, when OpenBSD reboots it will forget your static routes. So store them in configuration file. Static routing describes a system that does not implement adaptive routing. In these systems routes through a data network are described by fixed paths (statically).